Fundación Recrea

Economic Development

Economic Development

Women living in the camps contribute to their families’ futures by learning about micro-entrepreneurship, gaining vocational skills, and more.

A women’s cooperative helps participants develop and market their products, and ReCrea offers job assistance by acting as a liaison between companies looking for workers and newly trained individuals.

COVID-19 has had an especially significant effect on many of the families in camps and transitional neighborhoods who work as vendors, car attendants, domestic workers, and laborers. To address this crisis, ReCrea created a way for 520 vulnerable families living in La Chimba, Antofagasta, and in Calama and Lo Espejo in Santiago to earn credits by contributing to the communities in which they live; these credits could then be used to purchase essential products such as food, gas, and internet access.

ReCrea plans to sustain this program through April 2021 for 250 families in Antofagasta and Calama.